Once upon a time, in a camera department in one of our BusinessMart stores, a prospective camera buyer wanted to look at a Canon lens that we had in the display case.

I happen to neart the counter and since I was the camera buff, I retrieved the lens out of the display case and handed it to this person who was, at it turns out, rather ignorant and careless.

He proceeded to SPIT ON THE LENS THEN RUB IT WITH HIS SHIRT SLEEVE before I could stop him.

Of course, this scratched the lens, and did a number on the coating. It also made me wonder "would any court convict me if I ..........".

The moral of the story is, just because the prospect looks like a normal considerate photographer, they may not be educated, careful, and considerate regarding the correct way to handle my merchandise.

From that point on, I became more careful before allowing the prospect to handle the merchandise if it could be easily harmed, like a camera or lens.

Once it is sold and has a new owner, the responsiblilty of care is transfered.

In case your wondering, I sold the $62.95 lens at a photo swap meet for $10.00 as is.