The following items are for sale or trade. If no price is shown, please make an offer.

NOS is New Old Stock from camera store that closed its doors around 1985.
NOS ? is I believe to be New Old Stock however, not 100% certain.
The boxes reflect may reflect moving the items several times since acquired.

Personal items are used although some look like new and have almost no use.
Although the description is intended to be accurate, with older cameras, expect to have them professionally cleaned, lubricated, and adjusted. This is not included in the sale.
All items sold "As Is", all sales are final.

My inspection will note any major nicks or deficiencies that I see. In my experience, a buyer viewing in person would agree. On the other hand, some buyers are much pickier and can find defects that the average person will not find. Also, the longer you handle the item, the more things that will appear that wasn't seen initially.

Some problems may be caused by careless handling. *See note

For these reasons, absolutely positively, All items sold "As Is", all sales are final.
Do not buy if you cannot accept these terms.

Use them for parts, display, or for enjoyment.

Please look at the photos and judge for yourself.
Click on Picture for additional larger photos!
Amber Glass Bottle, New, 250 ML Large Mouth with Cap $1.00 ea., 12 for $12.00
Durst RCP 20 Color Processor
Personal item, used, working
Bordermaster 8x10 adj. easel
Ilford Cibachrome Slide easel
Philips Color Analyser PCA 060
Polychrome Color Printing Kit 3x3
Unicolor Slide Mount Press